Summary:   SEMANA software suite for linguistic data analyses
Version:   3-9 (23-SEPTEMBER-2013)

Description: The Semana software suite implements 'data-mining' algorithms. Requires: Windows, Apple Mac or Linux (not tested) operating systems Ports: Origin: Copying: Copyright (C) 2005 Georges SAUVET and Andre WLODARCZK University of Paris-Sorbonne (Paris 4) Use and copying permitted for educational and research purposes. Redistribution requires registration. Updated: 3-9 is last CD-ROM: no Bug Reports: Mailing List: Author(s): Georges SAUVET, Andre WLODARCZK, Contact: Keywords: semantic analysis, adequacy and consistency check, data summarization, statistical analysis Contains: • Formal Concept Analysis (FCA)
• Relational Concept Analysis (RCA) • Rough Set-Theoretical analysis (RST)
• Decision Logic (DL) • Correspondence Factor Analysis (CFA)
• Hierarchical Ascending Classification (HAC) • some other data mining and statistical analyses

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