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MIC Sorbonne 2012
New Standards for Language Studies
The 3rd International Interdisciplinary Workshop
Paris, November, 15-16, 2012

    We are pleased to announce an international interdisciplinary workshop to be held at Paris-Sorbonne University on November 15th and 16th, 2012. The symposium is for the discussion of the Interactive Linguistics methods jointly with the Associative Semantics (AS) and Meta-Informative Centering Theory (MIC) currently developed at CELTA (Centre de Linguistique Théorique et Appliquée).

    The 3rd Workshop aims at discussing foundational issues of language studies introducing interactive methods which are step by step being derived from research in the AI domain, especially Knowledge Discovery from Databases (KDD) and diverse programming paradigms.

Keywords: information – semantic roles - meta-information -  attention-driven centring of utterance - subjecthood and topicality – predication – context - speech acts – modularity - multi-agent systems - distributed systems.

For further information, please visit the CELTA website pages:

, we sincerely encourage researchers (linguists, computer scientists, psychologists, neurologists, logicians and philosophers) who are interested in the research topics specified in the preliminary discussion forum to join us by sending their name and surname(s), affiliation and e-mail address to:

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Scientific Committee:

Chair: André WLODARCZYK (Université Lille 3 & Paris-Sorbonne – CELTA, France)


    Olivier AZAM (ENS Paris – CELTA, France)
    Dirk GEERAERTS (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium)
    Yasunari HARADA (Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan)
    Radosław KATARZYNIAK (Wrocław University of Technology, Poland)
    Istvan KECSKES (New York State University, Albany)
    Ana E. MARTINEZ INSUA (University of Vigo, Spain)
    Hideyuki NAKASHIMA (Future University, Hakodate, Japan)
    Maciej PIASECKI (Wrocław University of Technology, Poland)
    Uta PRISS (Ostfalia Universiy of Applied Sciences, Wolfenbüttel, Germany.)
    Franz STACHOWIAK (Charles Sturt University Albury, Australia)
    Hélène WLODARCZYK (Paris-Sorbonne – CELTA, France)

Organising Committee (CELTA):

    Chair: Hélène WLODARCZYK
    Co-chair : Olivier AZAM


    Natalia BERNITSKAIA, Elise MIGNOT and Rosemary MASTERS

    Workshop Secretary:

    Agnieszka PIEDEL (Ecole Doctorale ”Concepts et langages”, Paris-Sorbonne)

Languages of the presentations : English and French

Important dates:

    - Call deadline (Registration with the title of your communication and submission of abstracts up to 1400 characters,spaces included)) : September 30th, 2012
    - Notification of acceptance: October 10th, 2012
 If you need an early notification of acceptance, please send us your abstract at your earliest convenience and we will do our best to ensure that you receive it as soon as possible.

Participation conditions: Lectures and presentations will be delivered following the principle of relevance with respect to the topics of the workshop. Your abstracts as well as your participation in the discussion forum will be determinative.

Guidelines for Submission of Abstracts

Abstracts should (a) not exceed 1400 characters, (b) clearly indicate your presentation title, (c) be anonymous for the purposes of blind peer-review, (d) formatted as .doc or .rtf documents and (e) electronically submitted (attached to your mail) to:

Please include the following information in the subject header of your email:
MIC 2012 Abstract Submission – [author(s) name(s)]

Please include the following information in the main body of your e-mail :
    (a) title/position and author's name,
    (b) affiliation institution,
    (c) e-mail address for correspondence,
    (d) 3-5 keywords.

Registration and contact:

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